I’m a correspondent for Public Health Watch, working both on digital and audio stories in California. 

I worked at the California Newsroom as a climate investigative journalist, reporting on health consequences of wildfire smoke, including for a series entitled Smoke, Screened in The Guardian. As part of my work, we partnered with small stations to produce an award-winning special called Climate Costs, and I provided mentoring as well as editing and production.

For the NPR-distributed podcast Living Downstream, I worked with community members near the Salton Sea on “The Sea Next Door,” which won a Murrow and an award from SEJ.

Previously, I was the editorial project manager for the California Reporting Project. We’re seeking police records under SB 1421, including about use of force: in the last year I’ve contributed to reporting in Bakersfield on broken bones and mental health, in Richmond on canines, and in San Diego.

My investigation Older and Overlooked won a national Murrow award. In 2020, with KQED science, I won an SPJ Sigma Delta Chi award for Living With Wildfire.

Recently, I worked for KQED, covering science with a focus on climate change. During the pandemic, that included accountability reporting about COVID policies.

My reporting on heat and climate change has won investigative awards. I was a California fellow for USC’s Center for Health Journalism, reporting on urban heat impacts.

In 2017, I traveled to the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda as a fellow for the International Women’s Media Foundation. I reported for WWNO & other public media in Louisiana under a CPB grant on recovery and response to the Louisiana Flood of 2016.

I used to report and do community engagement for New Orleans-born ISeeChange, a community climate and weather journal funded in part by NASA’s OCO-2. We won an award for work, including this story. Before that I worked at Southern California Public Media.

I’m a lifelong Californian, a former Louisiana resident, and a current Angeleno, and I’ve been covering the environment with a focus on water and climate change since 2002. I went to law school and Georgetown University.

A long time ago, I built and performed surgery on a Pygmy kayak. It lives with me in Los Angeles.