This year I’ve been working for KQED, covering science with a focus on climate change. I explained why prescribed fires are rare in California, talked to Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones about what climate change is doing to property insurance, and reported a multi-part series about sea level rise in the Bay Area, and what might be done to adapt to it.

Quinn and Brian at Important, Not Important interviewed me for a podcast that was super fun.

I made The City Heat Project, which includes a series of reports about urban heat and climate change. I’ve been a California fellow for USC’s Center for Health Journalism, reporting on urban heat impacts.

You can support my work at Pactio, a new crowdfunding platform for journalists.

Last May I traveled to the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Rwanda as a fellow for the International Women’s Media Foundation.

I reported for Louisiana radio stations under a CPB grant on recovery and response to the Louisiana Flood of 2016. We won an award for work, including this story.

I’m a lifelong Californian, a former Louisiana resident, and a current Angeleno, and I’ve been covering the environment with a focus on water and climate change since 2002. I went to law school and the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University.

For a long time, I reported at Southern California Public Radio. Now I file for all kinds of public media outlets, and I contribute to Laws and Nature, which tracks environmental policy. I’ve worked for New Orleans-born ISeeChange, a community climate and weather journal funded in part by NASA’s OCO-2 experiment.

I have built and performed surgery on a Pygmy kayak. It lives with me in Los Angeles.