California — Environment

I explained why prescribed fires are rare in California, talked to former Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones about what climate change is doing to property insurance, and reported a multi-part series about sea level rise in the Bay Area, and what might be done to adapt to it.

for The California Report ~ KQED

For some L.A. Homeless, A Rising River Heightens Storm’s Threat. January 12, 2017

[Aliso Canyon]

Regulators May Reopen Aliso Canyon Gas Field Over Residents’ Objections. February 10. 2017

As Crews Seal Aliso Canyon Gas Leak, Public Officials Mull How to Prevent Another. February 17, 2016

Porter Ranch Gas Leak Temporarily Sealed, But Residents Still Uneasy. February 12, 2016

California Regulators Increase Gas Well Inspections After Aliso Canyon Leak. February 9, 2016

[Coastal Commission]

The California Coastal Commission is Under Fire Again (interview). May 12, 2016

Coastal Commission Weighs Ouster of its Director. February 9. 2016


Catching Storm Runoff Could Ease Droughts, But It’s No Quick Fix. March 14, 2016